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Bathroom addition with view of master bedroom
Quick Tips on Building an Addition for a Master Bedroom Suite and Bath
If you’ve watched any reality home improvement shows, you know that what people want today, whether they’re house hunting or taking on a remodeling project, is an “en suite.” Americans are great at lifting French phrases (… Read More
Whole house remodel with classic style cream stucco and sage gray trim in Wilmette
Should you Build a New House or Remodel your Current One
If you’ve seen the HGTV show “Love It or List It,” you know that there can be some drama in the process of deciding on whether to remodel a home or get out of it and into something that better suits the homeowner’s needs. … Read More
Beautiful family room design photo
Top 10 Most Important Things your Home Should Have
You’ve probably seen plenty of lists about what homes shouldn’t have, like cracks in the foundation, leaking roofs, broken windows and bulging walls. But, what about the things your home should have? Whether you’re looking … Read More
Mudroom with ceramic tile project design in Wilmette
What to Consider When Adding a Second Story to a Home
Drastically changing the form and function of your home by adding a second story might seem like a massive undertaking, but sometimes, it makes perfect sense to take this approach. It’s definitely a challenge and often bigger … Read More
Living room addition with modern brown furniture and bright interior lighting in Highland Park
What you should know before starting a home addition
The process of adding an addition to a home is no small feat. However, to ease into the process, the smartest place to start is to develop your idea into a written plan. Start mapping out your thoughts about everything you want in… Read More