Looking for a way to add more space to your home? Additions are the answer. Whether it’s another story, garage, sunroom or bedroom you need, we can design and build it. Our team has the expertise needed to physically expand your home and enhance its exterior at the same time.
There is no need to relocate when you can renovate. Contact us and let’s work together!

Modern victorian interior design after remodeling in Chicago

Home additions design and construction

New Concept 180 takes design and construction and adds a dash of excitement to it. Our design-build approach is what gives us the edge in delivering better idea fulfillment, faster completion and higher overall quality of your project.

We don’t begin any planning until we have zeroed in on what you want exactly

Your home addition project begins once our team sits down with you and discusses your project. We don’t begin any planning until we have zeroed in on what you want exactly. We discuss every detail of your addition and then hand off the design to our construction geeks. We call them that because they know every trade required to pull off a home addition project. With unmatched genius.

When you work with a home addition company like New Concept 180, your project is handled by our team members only. No subcontractors, ever. This is one of the greatest benefits of our design-build approach, as the chain of communication is never broken. You always know exactly what is happening and when. Any hiccups are fixed immediately. And your home looks precisely the way you dreamed it.

Our services are designed to suit your needs, which is why we’re sure our team can help you expand your home and make sure your house doesn’t lose the qualities that make it yours. So, when your home starts feeling a little cramped, we can create some extra space for you with:

Room additions

Room addition with archway to another room space in Highland Park

If you already love your neighborhood and your home, but feel like there is just not enough room for your family, moving somewhere else is not your only option. Room additions create that extra breathing room, and with the help of your and our imaginations combined, we can create something magical for your family to enjoy.

With the help of your and our imaginations combined, we can create something magical

Room additions enhance the style of your home while providing more space and comfort. Whether you need a single room addition for a home office or a multiple room additions for your growing family, we can make it happen. We have a team of room addition contractors, complete with licensed professionals: designers, craftsmen, architects, plumbers, electricians – we’ve got everything you need under one roof. And we’re ready to tackle your project.

House additions

Great living area with large brown kitchen and modern island in Highland Park

House additions might seem as a complex project. We throw the usual hassles out the window and turn complex into simple. It’s time to be excited about transforming your house. Let us worry about implementing your dream.

No house addition is impossible. Period.

We have a record of successfully completed house additions of all kinds. And even though each project is completely different, they all begin with us understanding what you want your house to look and feel like. Sometimes we might suggest or inspire, but your wish is always our command. No house addition is impossible. Period.

Transform your home with a home addition contractor

Functional stylish bathroom with glass-enclosed shower and two mirrors in Chicago

Excellent communication, creative insights and efficient realisation of your vision is what we bring to your table when you choose us as your home addition contractor. We have every professional required to complete your project, and our team is known for making projects happen before their due dates. See for yourself in our additions portfolio.

Our construction geeks are ready to get their hands dirty. Call us at (847) 565-1060 and let’s do this!

Our Design-Build
Project idea


Every project begins with an idea. No matter if you have a very concrete vision for your remodelling project, or want to hear our industry insights, we will listen to your needs and explain how we can help you bring your idea to life.

Project design


After we know everything about your idea, we give it shape. In other words, we develop blueprints and drawings of your design. Let us worry about technical issues. You will get to review our plans and tell us what you like and dislike.

Project build


Once you give us a ‘go’ on the design, we begin transforming your home. While we are getting our hands dirty, you can track our progress, review schedules and look at pictures from the worksite using latest software that we will introduce you to.

Design-build approach allows us to work with you on all aspects of your project. From the initial client consultation and idea development, to construction and final completion.

Remodeling Cost Guide


Your budget dictates the scope of your remodel and what it can be acomplshied for your home. With that in mind, we have put together a Home Remodeling Cost Guide for you to download for free. This guide covers costs from midrange to upscale remodels. With this guide you are able to get a more accurate picture of what you might need to budget for your next project.


Begin Transforming Your Home Today

The first step towards your goal always seems like the most nerve wrecking. It doesn’t have to be. Our team is ready to listen to your ideas and understand your needs. Simply set the date for your appointment and we will begin realising your vision.