Top 10 Most Important Things your Home Should Have

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You’ve probably seen plenty of lists about what homes shouldn’t have, like cracks in the foundation, leaking roofs, broken windows and bulging walls. But, what about the things your home should have? Whether you’re looking for upgrades that will enhance the way you enjoy your home or if you’re looking to sell and want more curb appeal, let’s look at 10 things you shouldn’t do without.

Kitchen remodel

You probably saw that one coming, but it’s totally true. People use their kitchen differently today than they did years ago. It’s no longer just the place to prepare food – it’s become one of the most popular gathering areas for families, and new designs reflect that. One of the perks of remodeling your kitchen is that you could recoup 75 to 80 percent of the costs should you decide to sell.

New front door

A tired and worn out front door is not exactly the most inviting first impression to your visitors. Not only are they ugly, they’re also a top source for energy loss.

New siding

It’s not terribly pleasure, but siding is extremely important. It adds obvious curb appeal and can completely transform the look of your home. The real value is in its ability to energy loss.


Speaking of saving on utility costs, upgrading your insulation is a great way to get more out of your HVAC system while keeping you comfortable when the temperatures are extreme. Communities such as Portland, Oregon have mandated energy efficiency scores on homes before they can be put on the market, so upgrading your insulation is something that is definitely becoming a priority.

New garage doors

There are many styles from which to choose that can significantly impact the look of your home. Go for the wood look or embossed steel – it will offer a much-needed facelift without much fuss or expense.

Hardwood floors

Real estate agents will be the first to tell you that hardwood floors are a hot item for buyers. Whether you’re looking for a shiny new solid wood floor or a one with less sheen, hardwoods offer warmth to rooms that carpeting or tile simply can’t. Shall it be ash, maple, oak, walnut or mahogany? It’s all up to your tastes and your preferences.

Bathroom remodel

Get a designer to assist you in revamping your bathroom, which is likely the smallest room in your house and is difficult for DIYers to reimagine. Turn it into your own personal spa.

Outdoor additions

Decks and patios are increasingly appealing to homeowners who want to extend their living areas to the outdoors. Many homeowners today look at these additions as must-have amenities. Some will insist that their deck have a fully functioning kitchen, complete with refrigerator, cooking area and perhaps even an outdoor entertainment area with stereo and television. As an added perk, a deck or patio project is a less expensive compared to indoor remodel projects.

Room additions

Whether it’s a living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom or garage, a room addition can be the project that opens a world of possibilities for the rest of your home. You gain an extra room for your family’s expanding needs, but you are also free to make better use of existing rooms.

If you’ve got ideas for how you want to change your home, contact New Concept 180. Our designers will go over everything on your wish list and our builders will execute the project efficiently and expertly. Call us today at (847) 565-1060.

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Top 10 Most Important Things your Home Should Have

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