Custom House Renovation Services in Kenilworth

Every homeowner has a unique take on how they want their whole house remodeling project to go. Rather than count on just any contractor to tackle your project in the way you want it, such a large project deserves the attention of an interior and exterior design-build company that can truly personalize every detail.

Large white kitchen with custom white cabinet, elevated white island with seating for three people in Kenilworth

Custom house renovation services in Kenilworth is a specialty of New Concept 180, a design-build company that is committed to high-quality design and build services. We have years of experience listening to our clients, designing their remodel the way they want it while offering expert guidance. We know how to find the materials that will make your renovation project exceed your expectations.

We have the expertise to tackle the smallest to the largest projects, including exterior and interior work for one-room renovations to house additions. You can also download our free 2021 Home Remodeling Cost Guide to help you create a budget for your home remodeling project.

We know how to find the materials that will make your renovation project exceed your expectations

Kenilworth residents who are happy with their current neighborhood and don’t want to move are looking to a fresh take on their project for a new look to their home, and that’s exactly what New Concept 180 is here to provide.

Get a new, stylish interior look with kitchen or bathroom remodeling services

Looking for a new and stylish interior look with a kitchen or bathroom remodeling services? It’s not uncommon for homeowners to have specific ideas about their remodel, yet they aren’t quite sure how to incorporate everything they want into the design. That’s where New Concept 180’s design team comes into play. We have designers with years of experience assisting homeowners in making their vision come to life. Even though bathrooms are typically tight spaces that might seem like a nightmare to design around, we have ideas that will only accentuate yours, creating a stylish new bathroom with all the amenities you want.

Modern and luxury kitchen design with white cabinet and wood flooring in Kenilworth

Kitchen design and remodeling is also something that more and more homeowners are looking to for fit the way they prepare food and entertain as a family. Kitchen are no longer used just for making three meals a day – families use them as a gathering area to read, watch television and talk about their day. However, older kitchens don't have the flow required for this type of use. New Concept 180 will work with you to design and build your new kitchen to reflect every use you have planned for it. Plus, we’ve got great ideas for materials and appliances that will make your kitchen the envy of your neighbors.

On top of whole house remodeling to renovate current living space, home additions are a great option for expanding the home

Kitchen and bathroom additions are also on the list of noteworthy projects for Kenilworth homeowners. When the existing space simply doesn’t cut it, adding on to the home is the route to take. Of course, with a design-build contractor like New Concept 180, the additions will meld seamlessly with the architecture of the home, providing you with the extra room you need for a kitchen or bathroom while freeing up space in the house for other uses and remodeling prospects.

Basement remodeling that add space and value to the home in Kenilworth

If you’ve been tossing around the idea of a basement construction project, now is the time to pounce. Kenilworth residents are realizing what a valuable resource they have in their basements, most of which are only being used for storage. Not only can the space be transformed for practically any use, it’s much more cost effective than building out or up.

Stylish basement renovation project in Kenilworth

Whether it’s a growing family that desperately needs more livable area or just a family that is looking to provide a new entertainment area or home gym, New Concept 180 has years of experience working with homeowners on basement remodeling projects of all types.

While going the DIY route on some home remodeling projects can be a good option, it’s important to work with a reputable contractor for big projects like a basement remodel. At New Concept 180, we have the experts you need to get your job done right. We have professional plumbers, carpenters, electricians and every other type of specialist who can take your vision and make it a reality.

Basement remodeling and design services in Kenilworth area

Our remodeling services vary per job, but we’ve torn out old walls and ceilings and built new ones; we’ve replaced flooring and installed plumbing and electrical service for our clients in Kenilworth.

Wine cellar after basement remodeling in Kenilworth

We approach every basement remodel as a custom job, but some of the more common projects have included the following:

  • Game room and playroom
  • Home entertainment theater
  • Gym and fitness areas
  • Child’s playroom
  • Guest suites
  • Private sanctuary
  • Wet bar
  • Wine cellar
  • New bathroom, spa bath or sauna
  • Workout rooms
  • Storage area

Your vision might differ from those who want some of the more standard remodels, and that’s not a problem, just contact us and our designers will go over every aspect of your vision and draw up the plans. Then, our expert build team will take over and provide you with a livable space that suits all your unique needs.

Additions expand the home

On top of whole house remodeling to renovate current living space, home additions are a great option for expanding the home.

Luxury white dining space with modern shelves design in Kenilworth

When the existing space simply doesn’t cut it, adding on to the home is the route to take

Consider the following for you home additions for needed living space:

  • Multiple Room Additions: when expanding outward isn’t an option, go upward with a two-story addition, a second story addition, a split-level addition, or an in-law addition. While these projects might be more extensive than single room additions, they’re definitely an excellent way to dramatically upgrade your home, add value and much needed space.
  • Single Room Additions: New Concept 180 clients enjoy single room additions that include living rooms, bedrooms, sunrooms, bedrooms, and dormers. Whether it’s a grand living room constructed for use with the latest electronic gadgets or a dormer project that transforms the roofline and façade of your home and adds extra space, our design-build team will work with you to present you the addition you’ve been looking for.
  • House Additions: growing households can improve upon their existing homes with entire new house additions. This includes new outdoor entertaining and relaxation areas, such as covered porch or deck. Another popular house addition is to build on a garage, adding extra space for more than just your vehicles – you can include a shop and storage areas. Furthermore, clients with existing garages are converting them for multiple-use rooms with our design-build solutions.

Let’s remodel your house design-build contractor in Kenilworth

Elegant white kitchen remodeling in Kenilworth

You’ve got your share of contractors from which to choose in the Chicagoland area. Your best choice is to choose a design-build contractor like New Concept 180 because everything you require is here under one roof. Let us pull the permits, draw out the designs and schedule the workflow from initial site visit to final walkthrough. And we do it all with as little construction mess and inconvenience as possible so you can remain in your home.

Let’s remodel your house the way you want it, from simple renovations to extensive, multiple additions. Just call us today at (847) 566-7606 and we’ll begin the process.

Our Design-Build
Project idea


Every project begins with an idea. No matter if you have a very concrete vision for your remodelling project, or want to hear our industry insights, we will listen to your needs and explain how we can help you bring your idea to life.

Project design


After we know everything about your idea, we give it shape. In other words, we develop blueprints and drawings of your design. Let us worry about technical issues. You will get to review our plans and tell us what you like and dislike.

Project build


Once you give us a ‘go’ on the design, we begin transforming your home. While we are getting our hands dirty, you can track our progress, review schedules and look at pictures from the worksite using latest software that we will introduce you to.

Design-build approach allows us to work with you on all aspects of your project. From the initial client consultation and idea development, to construction and final completion.

Remodeling Cost Guide


Your budget dictates the scope of your remodel and what it can be acomplshied for your home. With that in mind, we have put together a Home Remodeling Cost Guide for you to download for free. This guide covers costs from midrange to upscale remodels. With this guide you are able to get a more accurate picture of what you might need to budget for your next project.

Begin Transforming Your Home Today

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