The Design-Build Remodeling Services

New Concept 180 subscribes to the design-build process of construction because it saves clients time and money. Furthermore, it provides superior outcomes to the traditional design/bid/build process. For nearly 15 years we have brought a thoughtful, creative and expert-driven focus to our projects and we design-build homes that make households happy throughout the Chicago’s North Shore area.

Classic kitchen dining area design with hardwood floors in Lake Forest

The design-build process means our clients are involved with everything in the project, from the planning phase through the final walkthrough. Clients have total insight and input into the project design and the budget. Instead of paying for third party architects and designers, our clients save time, money and they don’t have to hassle with the frustrating lack of communication that occurs with traditional construction methods because all the expertise they need is on the team at New Concept 180.

Our clients are involved with everything in the project, from the planning phase to the final walkthrough

Unforeseen challenges can pop up at some point in construction and remodel projects, but when working with a design-build contractor, clients have a single point of contact, which leads to a quick and efficient resolution of any issue that arises. Accountability is often an issue with traditional construction and remodel projects as the subcontractors are busy pointing fingers and laying blame on others, but due to the single point of contact in use with a design-build firm, everyone is held accountable and fewer delays occur.

Design-build vs. traditional construction process

Comparison of construction project delivery methods

Comparison of construction project delivery methods

When time and cost are of the essence, the design-build method wins out over the traditional design/bid/build method. Both methods have similarities in their first four steps. The first step in any construction process is planning. The second step differs slightly for a design-build firm because they have to hire an architect and/or a designer like a traditional construction project does. The third step for both is the conceptual design drawing phase followed by the final detailed design drawing phase. The major difference in between the third and fourth phase is that cost is established by the design-build firm, and that can’t be said of the traditional contractor until an additional two phases.

Fifth phase for a design-build firm is to begin construction. For traditional construction firms, they still have to go through the process of selecting a contractor, finalizing details such as cabinetry and design minutiae, which is where they finally establish the cost of the project. After cost is established, construction can begin.

We deliver powerful project coordination and total collaboration with our clients

With an integrated design-build remodeling concept, all design and construction occurs with New Concept 180 and the client, which offers value in cost and in follow-through. We are able to deliver powerful project coordination and total collaboration with our clients, which is something traditional construction companies can’t offer.

What New Concept 180 clients can expect?

Relaxing open living space with modern fireplace and bright painting in Chicago

We talk a big game because we deliver on everything we say, which is why our clients come to us with many expectations and come away from their project completely satisfied. We bring total honesty to the bid process because, other than the fact that it’s just the right thing to do, we want to establish long-term relationships. Our clients can also expect our projects to have minimal impact on their surrounding, because we know they want to go about their normal routine in their homes without feeling like they’re living in a construction zone.

We talk a big game because we deliver on everything we say

Our clients also expect to have a fruitful first meeting with us where all their needs are brought to the table, which includes design and cost considerations. In return we provide all the information they need on specific features of our design-build services. Furthermore, we establish our warranty information during that initial meeting.

Finally, we work with Buildertrend software, a cloud-based construction management solution that is the most widely used software in the construction industry. With this software, clients get real-time access to the construction scheduling, photos, documents and change orders, warranty management, and homebuyer selections. With this single platform, clients can use any device and be immediately connected to the fine details of their project. Nearly 600,000 projects have been completed using Buildertrend software in more than 40 countries. Our clients use it, as do we, to stay completely on top of every aspect of their project.


Our Difference

  • Innovative design-build approach
  • Extensive control over your project
  • Excellent communication
  • On-time project delivery
  • Complete idea fulfillment
  • Remarkable work quality
  • Friendly crew
  • Clean worksite
  • Fair and accurate billing
  • Long-term home maintenance program
  • Premium warranty

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