Complete House Renovations in Wilmette

Wilmette homeowners who are considering a complete home transformation, are looking into interior and exterior projects that deserve a trusted designer’s eye. Everything from porches, decks, to multiple room additions and extensive interior renovations are on the table when it comes to complete house renovations in Wilmette, and we’re the professionals who can guide you through it.

Modern victorian interior design after remodeling in Chicago
Classic style house after an exterior remodel with cream stucco and sage gray trim in Wilmette View project Designed by Amy & Dave Chung

When choosing a contractor for your whole house remodeling, it’s important to choose one that communicates effectively, not only with you as a homeowner, but with the entire crew undertaking the project. At New Concept 180, our designers work directly with you before turning the plans over to our expert build team. We’ll talk over every aspect of the home remodeling with you and stay in direct communication with the builders as they transform your home.

Get a high-quality kitchen or bathroom remodeling services

Many residents who want high-quality kitchen and bathroom remodeling services come to New Concept 180 because of our track record of delivering high quality, even luxury services. If you are ready for a new kitchen or bathroom and you don’t want to settle for anything below high quality, our designers are ready to work with you to pick out the best materials and put together a blueprint that will serve as a map in transforming your vision into reality.

Modern victorian interior design after remodeling in Chicago
Elegant white, grey, polished nickel and carrera marble full bathroom design with a vanity, high ceiling, large shower and freestanding tub in Wilmette View project Designed by Amy & Dave Chung

Our kitchen remodeling projects include a number of stunning results that combine all the modern conveniences and a complete transformation of your space that allows families to spend more quality time in their favorite room. However, we also work closely with you to make sure we’re capturing the vision you have. From flooring to countertops to cabinets, our designers know where to find the luxury materials used in top-notch kitchens.

If you are ready for a new kitchen or bathroom and you don’t want to settle for anything below high quality, our designers are ready to work with you to pick out the best materials

Our high-quality bathroom projects include such luxuries as walk in showers, sky lighting, energy-efficient lighting and sustainable materials such as recycled glass countertops, steam baths, soaking tubs and heated floors. If you’re a Wilmette homeowner with a bathroom from another era, you’ll be pleased to see what our designers and builders can accomplish. We’ll transform your space, taking out all the old, reconfiguring the space for better use, and bring your home into the modern era with luxury materials and products.

Basement remodeling that add space and value to the home in Wilmette

Taking on a transformative home remodeling project can be exciting, and it’s something that many Wilmette homeowners are doing. An area of particular interest is the basement, which hasn’t always been designed as a livable space. However, whether you’re building a room in the basement, taking on basement remodeling to give yours a more modern look or just making minor basement construction or remodeling changes to make it more enjoyable, you have many options from which to choose.

Stylish basement renovation project in Kenilworth

When you partner with the right basement remodeling contractors, your project can go any direction you see fit. For example, Wilmette homeowners are transforming their basements from cluttered storage areas to private sanctuaries where rest, relaxation, entertainment and even a good workout is now possible.

It’s worth noting that most basement remodel projects don’t fall under the “DIY” definition. At New Concept 180, we assist Wilmette residents with a design and build approach, which means we have experienced professionals working together to design and build the basement you have envisioned for your family.

Basement remodeling and design services in Wilmette area

The experts at New Concept 180 put no limits on what can be done with your Wilmette basement.

Wine cellar after basement remodeling in Kenilworth

Check out what our clients request most frequently for their basement projects:

  • Game room and playroom
  • Home entertainment theater
  • Gym and fitness areas
  • Child’s playroom
  • Guest suites
  • Private sanctuary
  • Wet bar
  • Wine cellar
  • New bathroom, spa bath or sauna
  • Workout rooms
  • Storage area

Of course, these are just a sample of what can be done in your basement. At New Concept 180, we’ve assisted homeowners in many different styles of homes create the exact type of basement space they want for their families. Talk to our designers about your vision for your home basement project and we’ll create a blueprint that our build team can work from.

The build team includes all the professionals required to take on any size project, and they work directly with the designers to make sure your vision becomes a reality. Contact us today and let’s talk about what you have in mind for your Wilmette basement.

Custom design-build house additions

Wilmette is known for its residents who have discerning tastes, and they want their house additions to be a custom job. Fortunately, that’s exactly what New Concept 180’s design-build teams of professionals deliver with every home addition project.

Our custom design-build house addition services are the perfect solution to keep you where you are in the home and neighborhood that you love

From multiple room additions to complete, two-story house additions – if you’re looking for a way to add space to your home and not have to toil with the endless hours of house hunting to find something bigger, we’ve got the experience you need to gain that extra space.

Modern victorian interior design after remodeling in Chicago
Gracious foyer that joins the spacious formal living room and the dining room in Wilmette View project Designed by Amy & Dave Chung

There are many ways to expand your home, which is why we can offer you a wide selection of services that create more room for you and your family:

  • Single room additions – can include a garage, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom or living room. It’s an excellent choice for adding that extra space that you really need.
  • Multiple room additions – more extensive projects involve multiple room additions that expanding families need. Whether it’s a two-bedroom addition or the addition of a kitchen and a bathroom, this type of project can totally transform how you use your living space.
  • House additions – are the in-laws moving in? Create an entire space that gives them independence, yet keeps them close by your family with a custom home extension.
  • Dormers – these can add a great new look to your home, providing excellent curb appeal, yet they also give you more space and add more natural light.
  • Two-story additions – when going outward isn’t an option, it’s time to build upward. You not only gain considerably more living space, you’re also enhancing your property’s value.
  • Second story additions – looking for a whole-house impact? Adding a second story to your home opens up a world of opportunities, which could include a game room, extra bedrooms, or a partially separate residence for a multi-generational family.
  • Split level additions – if an open floor plan is something you want for your home, a split level addition is something we can design and build for you.
  • Bathroom and kitchen additions – perhaps the most popular home additions today. We will work with you to design your new bathroom and/or kitchen exactly to your specifications, then bring our expert builders in to make that design a reality.

These are just a few of the services we offer to transform your house, improve its livability and increase its value. You already love your neighborhood in Wilmette and you have no intention of leaving. Our custom design-build house addition services are the perfect solution to keep you where you are in the home and neighborhood that you love.

Whether it’s a growing family or if you’re transitioning into a multi-generational household that has you needing more space in your home, we’ll discuss the entire project with you, get ideas about what you want in your new addition, and build a plan together. Our professional build team will complete your addition project on time and on budget with as little mess and inconvenience as possible.

Wilmette house remodel contractor

If you’re a Wilmette resident searching for the right house remodel contractor, choose New Concept 180. There are many advantages with choosing a design-build contractor, beginning with the fact that we have everything you need to complete your home remodeling and/or additions under one roof – designers, electricians, plumbers, carpenters – all of them experts in their field.

Our professional build team will complete your addition project on time and on budget with as little mess and inconvenience as possible

Modern victorian interior design after remodeling in Chicago
Kitchen remodeling in Wilmette: traditional kitchen design with a dining room, breakfast nook, stylish island and banquette seating with a bay window. View project Designed by Amy & Dave Chung

Another advantage of choosing our design-build company is that we effectively communicate with you through the entire project. If a design needs to be altered or if the build team has questions about the direction of the project, we’ll talk everything over with you. Also, there will never be a surprise fee that pops up out of nowhere - we lay out the cost going in so there are no surprises, ever.

Let’s start planning your home renovation project. Call us today at (847) 566-7606.

Our Design-Build
Project idea


Every project begins with an idea. No matter if you have a very concrete vision for your remodelling project, or want to hear our industry insights, we will listen to your needs and explain how we can help you bring your idea to life.

Project design


After we know everything about your idea, we give it shape. In other words, we develop blueprints and drawings of your design. Let us worry about technical issues. You will get to review our plans and tell us what you like and dislike.

Project build


Once you give us a ‘go’ on the design, we begin transforming your home. While we are getting our hands dirty, you can track our progress, review schedules and look at pictures from the worksite using latest software that we will introduce you to.

Design-build approach allows us to work with you on all aspects of your project. From the initial client consultation and idea development, to construction and final completion.

Remodeling Cost Guide


Your budget dictates the scope of your remodel and what it can be acomplshied for your home. With that in mind, we have put together a Home Remodeling Cost Guide for you to download for free. This guide covers costs from midrange to upscale remodels. With this guide you are able to get a more accurate picture of what you might need to budget for your next project.

Begin Transforming Your Home Today

The first step towards your goal always seems like the most nerve wrecking. It doesn’t have to be. Our team is ready to listen to your ideas and understand your needs. Simply set the date for your appointment and we will begin realising your vision.