Basement Remodeling Services

Basements haven’t always been thought of a “liveable” space, but today, homeowners use their lowest level for more than storage and water heater and furnace use – they’re transforming them into highly functional living spaces where nothing is off the table. It’s important that when you decide it is time to embark on this project, you include a professional design and build contractor with experience in basement remodeling services.

Functional wine room after custom basement remodeling in Kenilworth

Customized basement remodel & design

Let’s face it – some projects are meant to be tackled by professionals. When you bring in a design and build team for your customized basement remodel, you’re going to leave all the “dirty” work to professionals who have years of experience with just about every type of remodeling project you can imagine.

Stylish basement remodeling project in Kenilworth

Whether you have ideas of your own or if you just want our expert advice, talk to a qualified designer and collaborate to map out the best possible plan for your new living space. When you choose the design and build method, the process is much smoother because they’re all on the same team, communicating effectively and getting your project done on time and as requested – there are no surprises, just results.

When you choose the design and build method, the process is much smoother

Lower level remodel services that add space and value to the home

Need extra space for entertaining? Maybe you want another room for a growing family? A lower level remodel is the perfect solution. It’s cost effective because you’re not building out, you’re just taking an existing space and modifying it to your needs. And those needs might evolve over time. What begins as a project to transform a space into a comfortable and safe room for toddlers can one day become a study for an adult.

Kenilworth finished basement project with home gym area

An added perk is that you’re also adding more value to your home. It’s what many real estate agents refer to as curb appeal you can’t see from the curb. A nicely finished basement is certainly an added bonus for people who put their house on the market.

Remodeling magazine said in its annual “Cost vs. Value” report that the average basement remodel has a 70.3 percent payback, making it among the most valuable remodeling projects to tackle.

Finished basement walls, floors, ceilings and more

Many lower levels show signs of water or moisture, which needs to be resolved before the space is transformed. This could include cracks in the foundation or poor air circulation and bad drainage. There is also insulation and lighting considerations to consider as many basements aren’t properly insulated or wired for lighting or appliances, which can result in a less-than-optimal situation when the space is being used regularly.

Stylish basement renovation project in Kenilworth

At New Concept 180, we can address these issues and then get on with finishing your basement walls, floors and ceilings. We can take a basement that was more aligned with a cold, dark unusable space and transform it into a warm space with insulated walls, finished ceilings, tiled, carpeted or wood-planked flooring, and plumbing upgrades for a new bathroom, utility room or wet bar – you name it, we’ll design and build it.

We can take a basement that was more aligned with a cold, dark unusable space and transform it into a warm space

Common basement spaces ideas

In many ways, you’re only limits to what you transform your basement into are your imagination. When you take New Concept 180 on as your design and build contractor, we can make anything possible.

Kenilworth finished basement project with game room

Here are just a handful of ideas we’ve made a reality for other clients.

  • Game room and playroom
  • Home entertainment theater
  • Gym and fitness areas
  • Child’s play room
  • Guest suites
  • Private sanctuary
  • Wet bar
  • Wine cellar
  • New bathroom, spa bath or sauna
  • Workout rooms
  • Storage area

Just because it’s not on this list don’t mean we can’t do it. Talk to one of our designers about your vision for your basement and we’ll work together to make it happen.

Take the right steps when designing your new basement project

If the process of designing your new basement intimidates you, you’ve got something in common with many others who have tackled or are in the process of tackling the same type of project. Take the first step in taking control of the situation by getting a better view of your space. For example, if your basement is cluttered with years of stuff you really don’t need, clear it out so you can get a better grip on what your basement can become.

Kenilworth finished basement project with home entertainment theater

Does your basement require heating and cooling ducts? Perhaps you will need more outlets for your entertainment equipment or added plumbing for a bathroom – these are all important aspects of the remodel you’ll need to discuss with your designer. Start by knowing how you’re going to use your basement and think into the future about what it might become. The designers at New Concept 180 can help you plan for what you see your basement being used for now and in the future.

Start by knowing how you’re going to use your basement and think into the future about what it might become.

What to expect during basement construction

At New Concept 180, we pride ourselves on keeping the mess and noise at a minimum as we work in your home. If your basement has outside access, there will be less construction traffic going through your home, but we take steps to be as non intrusive as possible.

Wine cellar after basement remodeling in Kenilworth

If the project involves plumbing, you might expect some water outages. If the project involves installing electrical lines and outlets, you could also have period where the power to the home is out, but this will be as brief as possible. Jumping through all the bureaucratic hoops like pulling permits is not something you’ll have to do when you work with New Concept 180, we pull all the permits and we know all the codes so you don’t have to worry about it.

We pride ourselves on keeping the mess and noise at a minimum as we work in your home.

Transform your basement into a beautiful, comfortable living area

The question many homeowners come to when deciding on a basement remodel is: Why would I add on when I can add under? If you’ve got a great space that is currently being underutilized, transforming that space into a beautiful, comfortable living area just makes sense.

Your basement can go from a concrete dungeon to a bright spot for entertaining, living, studying, playing, working out or just relaxing – it’s up to you. Contact New Concept 180 and let’s schedule an inspection of your basement so we can begin the design process, forge ahead on the build process and bring more value to your home and more comfort to everyone living in it.

Our Design-Build
Project idea


Every project begins with an idea. No matter if you have a very concrete vision for your remodelling project, or want to hear our industry insights, we will listen to your needs and explain how we can help you bring your idea to life.

Project design


After we know everything about your idea, we give it shape. In other words, we develop blueprints and drawings of your design. Let us worry about technical issues. You will get to review our plans and tell us what you like and dislike.

Project build


Once you give us a ‘go’ on the design, we begin transforming your home. While we are getting our hands dirty, you can track our progress, review schedules and look at pictures from the worksite using latest software that we will introduce you to.

Design-build approach allows us to work with you on all aspects of your project. From the initial client consultation and idea development, to construction and final completion.

Remodeling Cost Guide


Your budget dictates the scope of your remodel and what it can be acomplshied for your home. With that in mind, we have put together a Home Remodeling Cost Guide for you to download for free. This guide covers costs from midrange to upscale remodels. With this guide you are able to get a more accurate picture of what you might need to budget for your next project.

Begin Transforming Your Home Today

The first step towards your goal always seems like the most nerve wrecking. It doesn’t have to be. Our team is ready to listen to your ideas and understand your needs. Simply set the date for your appointment and we will begin realising your vision.