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House renovation project

The Biggest Challenges in Old Home Renovation and How to Beat Them

There are many old homes in and around Chicagoland featuring old world charm, and homeowners delight in living in them, but there are challenges to inhabiting an old house. If you’ve got an old home… Read More
Bathroom addition with view of master bedroom

Quick Tips on Building an Addition for a Master Bedroom Suite and Bath

If you’ve watched any reality home improvement shows, you know that what people want today, whether they’re house hunting or taking on a remodeling project, is an “en suite.” Americans are … Read More
Family house after deck addition

10 Tips for Designing Your New Summer Outdoor Living Space

Is your yard currently nothing more than green space that has to be mowed, perhaps serving only as an area for the family pets, and perhaps a play area for the kids? More and more homeowners are … Read More
Cozy office room with a piano in lake forest

Home Improvement Ideas and Tips to Revive the Beauty of Your Interior

If it’s been a few years since you last made any upgrades to the interior of your home, you’re probably feeling the itch to make some changes. Psychologically, we’re all wired to establish an … Read More
Cozy office room with a piano in lake forest

Useful Tips and Tricks to Make Your House Look More Expensive

Would you consider your home “builder grade?” Meaning, it’s made with low-grade materials that obviously didn’t cost much for the builder? Jumping into a “cookie cutting” property makes … Read More
Modern and minimalist interior of living room, Ultraviolet home decor concept

“Ultra Violet” Pantone’s Color 2018: How to Incorporate it in Your Interior Design

If you’re an interior design enthusiast or if you’ve been looking around for ideas to spruce up your home’s interiors, you’ve probably heard of Pantone, the international color authority. For … Read More
Modern home office addition interior image

6 Tips for Designing the Perfect Home Office Addition to Fit your Business and Personal Needs

Working from home is something more and more companies are allowing their employees to do. In fact, Millennials, or Generation Y if you prefer, is a generation of workers who find the work-from-home … Read More
Builder working for new home construction project

Top 10 Trends for New Home Construction and Renovations in 2018 and Beyond

With 2017 and its trends (mostly) behind us, let’s look at what’s hot for renovations and new home construction in 2018. It seems that every New Year brings with it a new set of trends that help … Read More
Stable kitchen design remodeling project in Lake Forest

Six Kitchen Design Trends We’ll See in 2018

We know smart appliances and all things high-tech will continue to be an ongoing trend well into the future, but what about the other parts of the kitchen that make it what it is? From flooring to … Read More

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