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Architects and designers planning design-build project

Is Design-build the Right Method for Your Remodeling Project?

Project delivery methods have evolved over the last several decades. Regardless of which one you choose, it’s likely going to involve a comprehensive planning process that considers design, … Read More
Custom basement conversion in Kenilworth

Everything you Need to Know About Basement Conversion for Your Home

An old Victorian home might not seem up to the project, but because most of these house types are sitting atop suspended timber floors, it actually makes them ideal for a conversion because … Read More
Dark kitchen drawers

Why Home Remodeling Always Costs More and Takes Longer Than Expected

If a problem is hidden, you won’t know what to expect until it’s uncovered, and that’s the case with water damage. Ripping out walls and floors can reveal some ugly truths, such as previous … Read More
Contractors and architects meeting and planning for renovation project

Common Construction Project Delivery Methods: Which One is Best for You?

If you’ve got a construction project ahead of you, you’ll soon realize (if you haven’t already) that it will involve a variety of services. Because every project is different and people have … Read More
Transitional style interior design in dining room with board and batten walls

Transitional Style Interior Design that will Fit in Your Home

If you’re caught in a web where you want the interior of your home to be more contemporary but fear that by embracing the latest design elements, your home will be sterile, you might move toward a … Read More
Renovated Wooden Stairs in Chicago's North Shore

Split-level House Remodel: Additions and Renovation Options

A split-level home one that includes staggered floor levels, often with entryways on the ground level. The typical design includes two sets of stairs that go up and down – one to a main living area … Read More
Interior of modern style bedroom

The Top 2019 Home Renovation and Construction Trends for Every Room

You don’t want to invest all that time and energy into a home renovation project and wind up with an outdated final product. Keeping tabs on the latest trends for each room can give you the … Read More

Tips for Planning a Successful House remodel: Where to Start and Mistakes to Avoid

Thinking about remodeling your house? It’s an exciting prospect, but it can get complex really quickly. With proper planning and the right contractor, your home will be transformed to your exacting … Read More
Christmas  decoration outside window

Is Winter a Good Time for a Home Renovation Project?

Homeowners can get carried away with the holidays during the winter season. From outfitting the yard in ghoulish decoration for Halloween to planning elaborate feasts with family and friends for … Read More

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