Creating the Master Suite of Your Dreams

Master Bathroom in Chicago Northshore

A master suite is ultimately defined as a room, larger than the other bedrooms in a home, with an attached bathroom. That said, many of us have far more expectations for a master suite than just that. We also want to see walk-in closets, a spa-like bathroom, and perhaps even more amenities. In this article, we’ll discuss exactly what should be included in a master suite to ensure it stands out beyond the simple definition – allowing you to create a space in your 80+ year old home that feels like your own slice of paradise.

Master Closet

Given a master bedroom is typically designed for two, there’s an expectation for a large closet. Even more, that expectation typically means a walk-in closet with ample space for two people to store their clothes, shoes, and accessories without feeling crowded. To make your master closet as luxurious as it should be, maximizing the space is essential. After all, you don’t want to take too much of your bedroom or bathroom space for your closet, but that isn’t a problem as an excessive size isn’t necessary so long as it’s designed thoughtfully.

To maximize space, built-ins make a world of a difference. Within the design of your built-in storage, creating dual layers for hanging clothes, versus the typical one, allows for double the storage. Additionally, dedicated space for folded clothing, shoes, handbags, and accessories will really highlight the usability of the space. Once the storage design is configured, you also want to keep in mind that there should be enough space for someone, or even two people, to get changed in the closet, as well – that will ensure you are truly creating a closet fit for a master suite. A contractor will be able to help you with spacing and your built-in closet storage, so don’t feel as though you need to be a design expert.

Additional Amenities

Before we get into what truly makes a master bedroom a master suite (the bathroom) there are actually other amenities that some master suites have to make the space really feel like a getaway within a home. One of those is a sitting area in the master bedroom, allowing you to read a book and snuggle up in a blanket without feeling like you need to do so in your bed. Some masters also have a fireplace in the room, making a sitting area even more cozy and the bedroom itself that much more unique. As a final amenity that can be incorporated into a design relatively simply, a dedicated linen closet is also a great addition. A linen closet in the master gives you a storage space for towels, sheets, blankets, etc. without having to take up valuable bathroom or walk-in closet space.

Luxurious, Spa-Like, Master Bath

No master suite is complete without a master bath, and you certainly deserve for that bathroom to feel as though you have entered into your own private spa. We have all seen, or been in, bathrooms that feel luxurious the moment we walk through the door, perhaps without realizing exactly what gives them that feeling. There are actually specific qualities a bathroom has to create that relaxing, tranquil, feeling.

First and foremost, the cabinets in a spa-like master bath should feel as though they were specifically created for the space. That’s accomplished by designing the cabinetry around the bathroom space itself, maximizing usability without overwhelming the space. Balancing how the cabinetry and vanity will be used will assure the space is designed appropriately, meaning it can certainly vary slightly depending on your personal preferences. Oftentimes, homeowners are looking for a double vanity to accommodate them and their partner, luxurious countertops made of natural stone or quartz, and of course, ample storage space.

Outside of cabinetry and the vanity, the flooring in a master bath can make a huge difference between an average bathroom and a luxurious bathroom. Nowadays, luxury tile is an expectation in a bathroom that is aspiring to have a spa-like feel, but even more than the tile itself, hydronic heated flooring is also becoming very popular in master bathrooms. Not only do you want your tile to look nice, but you also want it to feel nice when you’re walking around barefoot in the space – something we do often in our master bathrooms, of course.

The star of the show in a master bath is truly the shower space. Every other quality we shared previously could be perfect, but if the shower isn’t created with luxury in mind, the feeling of walking into a spa is lost immediately. The first way to ensure your shower creates the feeling you’re looking for is by designing it to be a frameless glass shower, without the traditional shower and tub combination. The shower itself should also be curbless, creating the feeling that the shower seamlessly fits into the bathroom space (as it would in a spa).

Just as is necessary with the countertops and flooring of your master bath, the tiling in your shower needs to be high-quality to flow with the rest of the bathroom – adding to the overall design of the space. As a final note with regard to your master bath, if you want to have a tub, which certainly adds to the spa-feel, the tub should be a freestanding soaker or jetted tub.

Fixtures in Your Master Suite

Now that the overall suite itself has been carefully thought through, it’s time for the cherry on top – the fixtures. From the lighting, door handles, faucets, and shower fixtures, your entire master suite should feel like one interconnected space. That impacts the fixtures you use in and out of the bathroom, as well as in the closet(s). To create the luxury space we’re aiming for, those fixtures should all be of high-quality, with lighting fixtures that both make a statement and flow seamlessly with the rest of your design.


The simplest answer to what a master suite should include is really just an attached bathroom. Given our master suite should be more than just a bedroom and bathroom, but rather a tranquil getaway, your space should be designed to truly feel like a suite. We all deserve to feel like we have our own slice of paradise within our homes, and using this article as inspiration, you can make that a reality in your vintage home.

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