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Great living area with large brown kitchen, modern island in Highland Park
2017 Trends in Kitchen Remodeling & Common Mistakes to Avoid
It might have been considered a design flaw some time ago, but it makes perfect sense today – two-toned cabinets. The popular color combination is to go light with the top cabinets and to choose darker tones for the bottom … Read More
functional small bathroom design
How to Maximize Space in a Small Bathroom
A toilet, a sink, and a shower – it’s the trifecta of must-haves for any bathroom. However, homeowners and builders have virtually limitless options when it comes to designing a bathroom around these three staples. In some … Read More
Builder working for new home construction project
Top 10 Trends for New Home Construction and Renovations in 2018 and Beyond
With 2017 and its trends (mostly) behind us, let’s look at what’s hot for renovations and new home construction in 2018. It seems that every New Year brings with it a new set of trends that help lead the tastes of homeowners … Read More
Modern grey color kitchen design project with wooden flooring and big eating area in Lake Forest
Top Kitchen Remodeling Tips from the Experts
Thinking about remodeling your kitchen? You’ve probably got plenty of ideas percolating in your head, but are you having trouble prioritizing? Let’s take some tips from the experts on the matter and see if they can provide … Read More