Top Kitchen Remodeling Tips from the Experts

Modern grey color kitchen design project with wooden flooring and big eating area in Lake Forest

Thinking about remodeling your kitchen? You’ve probably got plenty of ideas percolating in your head, but are you having trouble prioritizing? Let’s take some tips from the experts on the matter and see if they can provide some guidance that will help you think through your upcoming kitchen remodel.

Smart planning = better results

Planning a smart layout is a good place to start, according to This Old House. Begin with a scaled drawing of your current kitchen layout so you have a working knowledge of where your plumbing lines, electrical outlets, heating/cooling vents, windows and doors are located. Next, make a wish list that outlines your goals, which could be more storage, more space, a kitchen island, entertainment/lounge area, larger appliances, etc. Don’t be afraid to gather pictures of kitchens you love and share them with a professional designer.

How will you use your kitchen? This is an important question that will help you plan your remodel. For instance, does your household have only one “chef,” or are there two plus children? Or, does your family rarely eat at home? The way you answer this will determine the flow of your design from a serious gourmet kitchen to one that is more focused on snacking and entertainment.

Color schemes and staying on budget

Are you remodeling your kitchen for resale? HGTV recommends that you keep the style and color scheme simple. For example, keep the countertops, cabinets and floors neutral and subdued. Don’t go over the top with bright and bold colors, as that can be a real turn off to potential buyers.

If you’re just looking to remodel your kitchen for yourself and your family, HGTV also recommends that your budget for the project stay between six and 10 percent of your home’s worth. However, if you’re thrifty and know where to look for discounted quality materials and appliances, you can get top-quality materials and appliances on a mid-range budget.

It’s all about the “flow” of the floor plan

Bob Vila is one of the original television home remodeling personalities, and he’s witnessed kitchen trends come and go through the years. He offers up a design tip that will likely never go out of style, and it involves the “work triangle.” The work triangle includes three important points – the refrigerator, the sink and the range – which are areas of the kitchen most often used. The path to each shouldn’t be an obstacle course.

Vila says that the triangle should not exceed the “26-foot rule,” which is the perimeter of the triangle. Furthermore, the triangle shouldn’t intersect with a kitchen island, which is a popular addition to many remodels today, for more than one foot. Vila also recommends limiting clutter in the kitchen. Planning a remodel is a perfect time to take stock of everything you use and don’t use, and get rid of the junk that has no purpose. This will help you decide on how much cabinet space your new kitchen will need.

Hire a trusted design build contractor

Need more ideas on how to design your new kitchen? Contact us today at New Concept 180. We have professional designers on staff that can walk you through the entire process. We’ve also got a construction team that will turn those designs into something special.

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