How to Maximize Space in a Small Bathroom

functional small bathroom design

Four tips to consider to make your small bathroom functional

A toilet, a sink, and a shower – it’s the trifecta of must-haves for any bathroom. However, homeowners and builders have virtually limitless options when it comes to designing a bathroom around these three staples. In some respects, you’re only limited by your imagination, your budget and perhaps more importantly – the size of your bathroom.

The challenge with working in a small space is that you need to fit in all the essentials, yet they have to be to code. Add on top of that the requisites, such as a vanity, towel rack and modest storage space. If you’re dealing with a tight space, there are ways to maximize what you have. Let’s take a look at several ideas that can transform your “powder room” into a fully functioning bathroom.

1) Sinks: thinking outside the box

Larger bathrooms can boast a massive, double sink countertop with plenty of storage below. However, that is a luxury tight spaces can’t afford. Corner sinks and floating vanities are two solutions to this problem. If the traffic lane into your bathroom is obstructed by a traditional sink setup, consider a corner sink away from the toilet and beyond your shower door. This utilizes space that is almost always underutilized. You can also float your vanity to help make your small bathroom appear larger. Furthermore, a floating vanity offers up space for small items to be stored underneath.

2) Mount your faucet to the wall

What was once old is new again. Faucets haven’t always been fixed to the sink/vanity, even though that’s been the predominant design in recent decades. To save space, consider a wall-mounted faucet that fits over a narrow sink or vanity. This not only frees up square footage, it also adds an old-school touch to your design.

3) Maximize storage space

If you only have space for a narrow cabinet, maximize the depth of it by installing drawers. It’s a concept borrowed from kitchen cabinet design, which utilizes space while allowing better access to your storage items. Soap, detergent, lotion, cleaning products – anything you require in your bathroom can be tucked away, yet easy to access in a cabinet drawer.

4) Mirrors are your best friends

And the bigger they are, the better. Mirrors help you increase the amount of light in the room, making it visually appear bigger. A large sidewall to sidewall mirror can be used to continue the pattern on the walls endlessly, and nothing makes your bathroom feel more spacious than ceiling-high mirrors. If there’s a window in your bathroom, make sure to use this feature for your advantage and install a mirror directly across - this will make it feel like you have two windows in the same room. Using mirrors to visually enlarge your space is a simple, but excellent trick that interior designers often use to make rooms feel more airy.

At New Concept 180, our designers will assist you in making your small bathroom functional yet beautiful. We listen to our clients and help them realize everything on their wish list, while adding ideas of our own that will enhance their vision. Since we are a design and build company, our installation experts work directly with our designers to ensure that every item on that list is completed to perfection. Contact us today and let’s transform your bathroom.

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