2017 Trends in Kitchen Remodeling & Common Mistakes to Avoid

Great living area with large brown kitchen, modern island in Highland Park

Most homeowners have an idea about how they want their kitchen remodel to go, but many aren’t aware that their current idea is a relic from years ago. For instance, you’ve got your eye on a pot rack that you want to hang over your central kitchen island. The trend now is for pots and pans to hide neatly into drawers, which provide a more minimalistic approach, which is one of the defining trends of 2017 kitchen remodeling.

If you want to redesign your kitchen to fit your needs as a family, then you’re probably looking to build in more space for social activities. However, if you want to include a kitchen desk, rethink this idea. Most homeowners who included a kitchen desk in their remodel can tell you that it isn’t used in the traditional manner and actually becomes a catchall where mail, magazines and any assortment of items stack up.

We could also discuss how brass hardware, distressed cabinets, faux finishes and glass tile backsplashes are on the outs in 2017, but let’s take a look at some trends that you can incorporate into your kitchen remodel today that will be fashionable in the years to come, starting with two-tone kitchen cabinets.

Getting creative with colors

It might have been considered a design flaw some time ago, but it makes perfect sense today – two-toned cabinets. The popular color combination is to go light with the top cabinets and to choose darker tones for the bottom cabinets. The trend today is to keep with more delicate, muted colors with white being the most popular tone. Also popular are charcoal, pale blue, pale greenish/gray, or tinted white if you want more alternatives to the stark brightness of traditional white.

Bring in the workhorse

Rather than leave open space in the middle of your kitchen, consider a workhorse island. This is a perfect place for extra storage, a prep sink, and it can be used for casual dining. You could even have an induction top (also an emerging trend for 2017) installed on your workhorse island. Keep in mind that brown, heavily patterned granite is on its way out, as are thickly edged countertops and tumbled marble.

Popular appliances

Not familiar with French door ovens? Start doing some research because this design style with hi-tech engineering (more appliance manufacturers are incorporating Bluetooth technology) is likely to make its way into more kitchen remodels in 2017. Steam ovens are also making a splash, as are refrigerators with specialized storage zones. To save on space, consider a combination microwave/convection oven.

Sinks and flooring

While your new appliances might be Bluetooth equipped, your flooring step back into yesteryear in the form of reclaimed wood, which offers a classic look that pairs well with just about any color combination in your cabinets. Bamboo is also an emerging choice for kitchen remodels due to the fact that it is less expensive than traditional hardwoods and because it is considered a more renewable source material due to the fast rate at which it grows.

If your idea of a kitchen sink is drop-in stainless or white sink, expand your horizons to the possibility of a solid surface countertop with no border between the countertop and the sink. This offers a seamless flow with no visual edge. This is a design that began to take off in 2016 and will hit its stride in 2017.

Going outdoors

If you want to take advantage of those beautiful days and nights, an outdoor kitchen will fit your lifestyle perfectly. You can achieve the same flow in an outdoor kitchen as you have with your indoor kitchen, navigating from refrigerator to countertop to cooking area easily. Get rustic with a brick or stone motif or keep it classy with a flat black granite design. Weather-resistant cabinets will hold up to hot summer days and snowy winter nights. While stainless is a popular choice, you can also opt for powder coated finishes.

At New Concept 180, we keep up with all the trends and work with the best materials to make sure your kitchen remodel in 2017 will remain relevant for years to come. Our design and build method ensures that the look you want for your kitchen will be achieved without a hitch. Contact us today at (847) 565-1060 and let’s talk about what you want in your 2017 kitchen remodel.

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