When do you know it’s time to remodel your kitchen?

Spacious classically kitchen design with three stylish bar chairs in Chicago

Our needs are constantly changing, as are our tastes in design and preference in appliances. For example, that small drip coffee maker fit perfectly in the corner on your kitchen counter, but you’ve evolved and now want a full service espresso machine that will take up significantly more real estate. That’s just a tiny example of how you might be ready for a kitchen remodel.

The way you use your kitchen has changed

Of course you’re not going to remodel an entire kitchen because of your evolving taste in coffee, but when most of your normal appliances don’t fit your kitchen, it’s a sign that a remodel could be eminent. Perhaps your family has grown and you’re in need of more space? Or, has the functionality of your kitchen changed from a place to prepare food to a place the whole family likes to hang out? There are a number of exciting new designs for families who tend to congregate in the kitchen.

Getting rid of the old and worn out

Sometimes kitchens are just worn out. You and your family have essentially put it through the ringer, and you’re finally dissatisfied with the aesthetics of the room. Your flooring is either scratched or warped or has an old laminate design from another era. These are all good reasons to consider a remodel.

Selling your house? update the kitchen

For some homeowners, a serious update is in order because they’re about to put the house on the market and they want to really wow potential buyers at the open house. To shorten the time it’s on the market and to add to your resale value, an up-to-date kitchen is a must.

Talk to your real estate agent about what buyers are looking for today, then get with a designer to make sure you’re making the right remodel choices as they relate to what you hope to get out of the home.

Appliances are “smart”

You could probably switch out your appliances every year given all the changes that are made to their design and functionality. There are new colors, materials and advanced technology being built into stoves, ovens, dishwashers, refrigerators, wine refrigerators and all the countertop appliances you can think of. When you bring in these new models, you’re not only changing the look of your kitchen, you’re also connected with smart technology, such as the internet refrigerator, which can help you keep track of your food supplies.

Design and build kitchen contractor

At New Concept 180, we know your house is more than a house – it’s your home. We also know how to tackle a kitchen remodel. Our design and build process involves bringing a professional designer to your house where you can discuss all the things on your wish list. The designer will also offer up excellent ideas to compliment yours.

We’ll hand the plans off to our build crew who are experts at keeping the noise and the construction grime to a minimum while executing the kitchen remodel of your dreams. We are the single source provider for a wide range of projects, so call us today and let’s talk about your home remodeling needs.

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