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Family house after deck addition
10 Tips for Designing Your New Summer Outdoor Living Space
Is your yard currently nothing more than green space that has to be mowed, perhaps serving only as an area for the family pets, and perhaps a play area for the kids? More and more homeowners are taking a second look at their … Read More
Christmas  decoration outside window
Is Winter a Good Time for a Home Renovation Project?
Homeowners can get carried away with the holidays during the winter season. From outfitting the yard in ghoulish decoration for Halloween to planning elaborate feasts with family and friends for Thanksgiving to the chaos that can … Read More
Luxury, white, grey, carrera marble bathroom design in Wilmette
Luxury bathrooms provide personal health and relaxation
Given the resources available to contractors today for designing and building luxury bathrooms, the imagination becomes the only obstacle in the process. A quick look at Pinterest’s luxury bathroom content proves how many … Read More
House renovation project
The Biggest Challenges in Old Home Renovation and How to Beat Them
There are many old homes in and around Chicagoland featuring old world charm, and homeowners delight in living in them, but there are challenges to inhabiting an old house. If you’ve got an old home and are expecting to take on … Read More
light living room in Chicago project
Top 10 Reasons to Build a Home Addition Instead of Moving: Building Up Vs. Building Out
Leaving a beloved neighborhood in search of a home more fitting their needs is not something many homeowners want to do, which is why many have decided to either build up or build out. If you’re in a tight spot where building … Read More
Living room addition with modern brown furniture and bright interior lighting in Highland Park
What you should know before starting a home addition
The process of adding an addition to a home is no small feat. However, to ease into the process, the smartest place to start is to develop your idea into a written plan. Start mapping out your thoughts about everything you want in… Read More
Spacious classically kitchen design with three stylish bar chairs in Chicago
When do you know it’s time to remodel your kitchen?
Our needs are constantly changing, as are our tastes in design and preference in appliances. For example, that small drip coffee maker fit perfectly in the corner on your kitchen counter, but you’ve evolved and now want a full … Read More