Why you Should Hire an Expert for your Next Renovation Project

Single room after home renovation

The preponderance of home improvement cable shows over the last decade-plus have spawned an industry unto itself. DIYers drop hundreds of millions of dollars a year at their local hardware stores and big-box outlets like Home Depot and Lowes, tackling home renovation projects on their own (with a little help from Google and YouTube). However, there are a number of home renovation projects that you shouldn’t attempt on your own. In fact, there are a number of projects that require a professional.

Unforeseen issues

Take, for example, the couple that wants to remove a non-load bearing wall and open up their living space. They are motivated, feeling independent and proud of themselves – that is, until they run into hidden electrical wires, mold, asbestos and other issues that go beyond their capabilities. This not only compromises the quality of their renovation, these roadblocks can also compromise their health. It’s highly dangerous to tamper with asbestos, which shows up in drywall mud, stucco, siding, stipple ceilings and elsewhere. Mold can also be hidden inside walls and cause serious health problems if not removed professionally. Finally, running into electrical wires you weren’t expecting should be a major red flag, prompting you to contact a professional.

Top reasons for going DIY

  • Potential for saving money.
  • Projects that can be spread out over time are good candidates for DIY.
  • Homeowner gets a sense of accomplishment in creating their own dream home.
  • DIYers feel empowered that they have the skills necessary to pull it off.
  • All the tools for the job are available, either by owner or through a rental agency.

Top reasons for avoiding the DIY method

  • Materials cost more than estimated.
  • Lack of expertise leads to mistakes, requiring extra expense.
  • Any injury that occurs while performing a DIY task could complicate insurance payments.
  • When a renovation project involves the modification of the plumbing system, permits often have to be pulled and inspectors need to sign off on the work as it progresses. This is an area where mistakes can lead to expensive water repair damage if you do it wrong. Don’t attempt it on your own.

More reasons why going Pro makes sense

  • Experts at home renovation will help homeowners fine-tune their vision.
  • The experts know how to avoid mistakes that cost money.
  • With experience, training and insurance, experts are proficient, safe and covered.
  • Local codes aren’t an issue with experts, who are always in the know.
  • Renovation experts are neater and leave less waste material.
  • There are fewer risks taken when a professional is on the job.
  • With quality work through a professional contractor, there are fewer repairs to make in the future.

Renovation projects that deserve a professional’s expertise

  • Converting room space or room addition projects go beyond the traditional renovation project that most DIYers can handle. From garages, sunrooms or an extra bedroom – these are projects that require the expertise to physically expand a home.
  • Kitchen and bathroom remodel projects that only require a change of fixtures and paint are a good match for homeowners, but tasks such as tiling a shower wall requires the expertise of an artisan who can do it right. It might look simple, but it is a skill that is developed over time.
  • Kitchen remodels can become quite an extensive project as it often involves plumbing, electrical, carpentry and tile work – all of which need to be dealt with an expert. Gas lines, large electrical outlets, ductwork – they are all tasks that very few if any DIY enthusiast can manage on their own.
  • Most bathroom remodels require the vision of an expert designer and the craftsmanship of an installation expert. Working around tight spaces and rerouting existing plumbing lines as well as electrical outlets can be a daunting task for a rookie, which is why it makes sense to stick with a certified contractor for bathroom remodels.

Deck renovations are for experts

  • Decks are structures that will collapse or quickly deteriorate over time if not properly installed.
  • The average homeowner with a hankering for tackling such a project might think it’s just lumber, nails or screws, a saw and a tape measurer. It might not be rocket science, but putting a deck together requires knowledge of structural design, and it’s not something that novices should endeavor on their weekends off.
  • The internet is full of stories about DIYers whose decks have collapsed, at best costing the homeowner a lot of time and money, and at worse, injury to anyone on it or underneath it when it collapsed.
  • When you hire a professional, the job is completed with the right tools, the right measurements, and with sturdy results.
  • When a professional does the job, it will be completed faster than the average homeowner could complete it.
  • A professional design and build company can step in to do this job, giving the homeowner the assurance that their deck will last many, many years and offer a safe and functional outdoor living space.

The New Concept 180 experience

When you hire a design and build contractor for your home renovation project, regardless of whether it's a kitchen, bathroom, whole house or addition project, you get the experienced guidance of a designer who sees aspects of a renovation that you could never imagine. Professional designers have years of experience working in every variety of space, large and small, symmetrical and asymmetrical. They are up to speed on the various code requirements that must be followed, and they can assist you in staying within your budget while getting what you want.

Our designers at New Concept 180 will work with you to perfect a plan for your home remodeling project. Once we’ve perfected the plan, we’ll pass it along to our expert build team who work with you and our designers to make sure they’re installing exactly what you want. It’s a combination that other contractors can’t offer, and it’s why we are Chicagoland’s preeminent design and build team. Contact us today and let’s start planning your renovation, professionally.

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