The Top 2019 Home Renovation and Construction Trends for Every Room

Interior of modern style bedroom

You don’t want to invest all that time and energy into a home renovation project and wind up with an outdated final product. Keeping tabs on the latest trends for each room can give you the assurances that you’re going forward and in the right direction.

Whether you’re going for a whole-house construction project or just taking it one room at a time, we’ve got our ear to the ground and we know what trends are dropping in 2019.

Bathroom trends for 2019

By far, the most often remodeled room in a house is the bathroom. It’s being reinvented in some ways that might seem subtle, but there are drastic changes taking place that turn the typical bathroom into a “relaxation station.”

  • Go darker and to a matte finish

    Most people start with a color palette, and last year, it was gray. In 2019, however, the trend is to go darker and to a matte finish. Perhaps this is why concrete and plaster are becoming more popular in the bathroom, offering a sleek yet warm finish to countertops, sinks and other areas.

  • Go larger

    Expanding on a growing trend, bathrooms are also getting larger when space allows, as people no longer view this room as simply a place for hygiene. Rather, they’re bringing in amenities like multi-head showers, spa-like features in their bathtubs and more comfortable seating around the vanity.

  • Competing styles: vintage or modern

    Two styles that are in competition with each other in the bathroom include vintage and modern décor. Vintage mirrors are in vogue, which means people are hitting estate sales and garage sales looking for an old item that will fit their retro tastes. However, there is also a movement going where asymmetrical décor is in high demand. Mirrors, faucets, tiles and sinks are all being manufactured to meet the needs of those who are going with a more disjointed style and modern vibe.

Kitchen trends to look for this year

The second-most popular room to tackle for a makeover is the kitchen. For several years now homeowners have transformed their kitchens into entertainment areas with some ambitious construction projects, but design elements specific to traditional kitchens continue to evolve as well.

  • Focus on fixtures

    If you want to keep your remodel simple, focus on fixtures. Gunmetal and pewter finishes are hot right now, as they offer a depth and texture that goes against the grain of yesterday’s designs.

  • Shelving takes center stage

    Some designers are also eschewing cabinets and incorporating open shelving concepts. Depending on the feel of the room, designers will use shelving made out of glass, metal or wood. The trend takes its roots in retail spaces and swank hotels that recently established this design concept, and it’s taking hold in homes.

  • Wood becomes appealing, again

    Rather than hold on to the age-old kitchen tile, which is ubiquitous in today’s homes throughout the country, there is a renovation movement in 2019 toward incorporating a warmer feeling, and nothing warms up a room like wood. Wood walls, floors and countertops with a live edge table can bring in an airy, light and uncluttered sense to the room.

  • Splashes of color

    But it’s not all about warm wood tones – color splashes are also making ripples in kitchen design. For those who want to keep their cabinets and bypass the shelving trend, they’re utilizing color to make a statement, and blue is making a comeback right now. The colors of the cabinets can be complemented with colored upholstery on kitchen chairs.

What’s new with bedrooms?

If you’ve noticed a minimalism evolution in bedroom trends, you’re already clued-in to what’s going on with bedroom remodeling in 2019. Perhaps it’s a sanction on clutter, but people will be uncluttering their bedrooms in a way that makes it feel bigger, airier, yet modern. Gone are the massive headboards, entertainment centers at the foot of the bed and bric-a-brac shellacked all over the walls.

  • Go natural with wicker and straw

    The of natural materials is also making a comeback in the bedroom, such as wicker and Vienna straw in your furnishing and natural wood in the bed frame and drawers.

  • Gold – again?

    If you think gold plated fixtures and furniture would never make a comeback, 2019 will prove you wrong. The golden nightstand is offering rooms a flare of sophistication, and it works well off of natural wood elements.

  • Concrete: the classic touch

    If you’ve always wanted modern furniture in your bedroom, concrete walls offer a stunning compliment for them. It’s actually a remarkable contrast that might be an ongoing trend for years to come.

Whole house remodeling

Taking on a whole house-remodeling project requires broader thinking. Coordinating the design so that each room has its own personality, but doesn’t clash with other rooms, is important. This type of renovation requires careful planning, so here are some of the trends designers are incorporating today:

  • Plants bring nature indoors

    Plants work throughout the entire house, bringing a bit of nature into each room without interfering with other important design elements. Infusing nature inside not only adds to the look and feel of a home, it also adds to air quality as live plants filter toxins out of the air. But what about the pots you put them in? Sure, you can have the pots match the color scheme in each room, but another idea is to use terracotta, which can maintain a consistent theme, but not clash with existing schemes.

  • Top colors for 2019

    Warmer colors are in for 2019 renovations. If previous trends involved liberal use of cold tones, they’re definitely on the outs with designers across the country. Neutral and earthy colors, such as warmer shades of blue and green, burnt orange and tepid beiges are pigments your local paint shops are going to be using a lot of this year. As we already mentioned in regard to colors in the bathroom, whole house projects will also take on the premise that “black is the new white.”

  • Wood finishes continue to evolve

    If you’ve grown steadily weary of the colored glass tiles that backsplash kitchens, bathrooms and other areas of the house, try on the wood finishes rage that is set to ensue in 2019. The yearning to connect with nature is easily accomplished with wood. It’s also a highly flexible product and there are many varieties that offer the right grain and tone you’re looking for in your home.

  • The resurgence of matte finishes

    From countertops to the floor and tiles to paint on the wall – shiny is out and matte finishes are in. Remodeling contractors are seeing an uptick in requests for matte, honed options in their choice of topcoats and hardwood floors.

  • Technology enters the appliance space

    Smart appliances are part of the Internet of Things (IoT) movement, which was once thought to be kind of kitschy. We’ve moved beyond that – we’re in the age where cars are driving themselves, so why not embrace technology in the home beyond the laptop and tablet computers. Smart appliances allow you to turn your lights on or off, preheat your oven remotely or adjust the thermostat on your home heating and cooling system while you’re out.

Choosing the right contractor

You have options in how you handle who does the construction work for you. Some projects are small enough that an ambitious homeowner can tackle it themselves, but when it comes to renovating entire rooms, bringing in a qualified contractor just makes sense.

Do your research and build a list of construction finalists, but make sure you’re only picking those that are certified, insured and can prove they’re a reputable organization. For example, ask for references and see what their previous clients say about them.

Another thing to consider is working with a design-build contractor. In this scenario, you can lay out your wish list to a highly qualified and experienced designer who can give you complimentary ideas and provide guidance on what might work better. The real advantage is that they work directly with a build team.

At New Concept 180, we’re a design-and-build company committed to our clients’ renovation and construction projects, and our references will prove it. Our design and build team includes all the professionals you need, which means you don’t have to go through the vetting process with subcontractors – we handle everything. Contact us today and let’s schedule an appointment.

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