Six Kitchen Design Trends We’ll See in 2018

Stable kitchen design remodeling project in Lake Forest

We know smart appliances and all things high-tech will continue to be an ongoing trend well into the future, but what about the other parts of the kitchen that make it what it is? From flooring to cabinets to fixtures, here is a list of six kitchen trends you’re going to see in 2018.

1) Custom big metal kitchen hoods

Stainless appliances have long been a staple of quality kitchens. However, more homeowners are opting for black stainless appliances, which will remain a hot trend into 2018. It has become increasingly important that a quality kitchen also includes a large metal hood over the stovetop.

Homeowners are making large metal kitchen hoods a centerpiece of the kitchen, sometimes going with bold hood colors to really make it pop. For those with different tastes but still want the functionality of the hood, they’re hiding it behind a beautiful exterior, often making it look like it’s simply part of the cabinetry.

2) Concrete floor/wall tile

It’s a design that would likely have left designers flummoxed years ago, but today, concrete wall tiles are in. Whether it’s a concrete tile with subtle colors or just a raw concrete product, these tiles are finding their way onto kitchen floors and walls with increased regularity.

Concrete is actually quite versatile with patterns that will fit any room size. However, its long-lasting qualities are also giving homeowners reason to jump to concrete.

3) Porcelain tile that looks like wood

Want the rugged durability of porcelain but the look of wood? If so, you’re like many people who are flocking to this choice of material and design. Low maintenance yet gorgeous, porcelain tile with a wood grain finish offer any room the look of hardwood, but better abilities for standing up to moisture, which is why kitchens are a good match for this material.

4) Brass finish plumbing fixtures and hardware

We’re not talking about the brass you saw in the 1980s, which was very similar to the brass used on trumpets, trombones and saxophones – we’re talking about a finish that has an oil-rubbed look, like an antique. Faucets, lighting fixtures, handles on cabinets – you name it, 2018 will be the year of brass in kitchens.

5) Bench or banquet seating in kitchens

The bench is back! Traditional chair seating will no doubt be the go-to option for many homeowners, yet banquet and bench seating is becoming a more common request from homeowners. Tight spots are perfect for bench seating, but many table sets are now coming with optional bench seats.

6) White and navy blue kitchen cabinets

The popularity of sage green, moss and various shades of blue on kitchen cabinets began to establish itself in 2017, but it’s highly probable what navy blue and white will really take hold in 2018 as the colors of choice for cabinets.

The color of blue elicits feelings of relaxation, quiet and calm, which is something many people feel they need after such a tumultuous 2017. While there are a number of shades in blue, navy blue offer something akin to dark luxury.

Need help planning a kitchen design?

At New Concept 180, our design team is up on the latest and greatest materials and products on the market today, and we’re part of the reason these kitchen designs are trending. Despite our talent for picking colors, appliances and finishes that are modern and forward thinking, we work with our clients to match their tastes with a design that will make them happy. We also have a skilled team of contractors that round out our design and build methodology that has our clients raving over the finished product.

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