“Ultra Violet” Pantone’s Color 2018: How to Incorporate it in Your Interior Design

Modern and minimalist interior of living room, Ultraviolet home decor concept

If you’re an interior design enthusiast or if you’ve been looking around for ideas to spruce up your home’s interiors, you’ve probably heard of Pantone, the international color authority. For 2018, Pantone has announced that the color of the year is “Ultra Violet.”

“Complex and contemplative, Ultra Violet suggests the mysteries of the cosmos, the intrigue of what lies ahead, and the discoveries beyond where we are now,” reads a Pantone new release on the topic. “The vast and limitless night sky is symbolic of what is possible and continues to inspire the desire to pursue a world beyond our own.”

Did that confuse you more than help? Maybe this can help: Ultra Violet is indeed a rich color not unlike a bold, blue-based purple flower. It’s a strong purple color that is being used on ceramics, wall art, tableware, cushions, furniture fabric and bed spreads. However, some designers are using the color on larger areas of rooms, really making a bold statement.

Target market

So, who is going to be attracted to this color? By some accounts, it’s going to be people with an interest in counterculture. People who have a passion for artistic brilliance as well as unconventionality are also flocking to this color.

In the historic sense, this hue has been associated with mysticism, spirituality and mindfulness. It’s not uncommon to see purple lighting in areas used for meditation, as it’s believed to energize as well as inspire.

Or, maybe it’s just for people who are really attracted to the purple tones.

How to utilize it in your home

Purple can be a tricky color, and you can really overdo it if you’re not careful. In fact, some people loathe this tone. Then again, there are aficionados of this color, such as the late rock star, Prince, known as “the Purple One” for his ubiquitous purple outfits.

The truth is, Pantone’s choice of color this year is a real head scratcher because interior décor is not usually heavy on violet shades. Pantone’s choice, however, is likely to inspire many interior designers to make Ultra Violet part of their color palette for the year, at least.

Here are some tips for using it in your designs:

  • Don’t overdo it
  • Because it can be somewhat dramatic, you have to use Ultra Violet sparingly and in the right places. For instance, using it in a various elements of your living room or office will add a touch of formality to the space, yet also inject an element of energy that is great in office areas where you want more inspiration.

  • Using it with existing design elements
  • We’re probably not going to start ordering large purple sectionals – nor should we, but let’s say your living room has a brown couch – adding purple pillows to it can really add some moodiness. You can also create a similar feel by putting down Ultra Violet rugs in your bathroom and use the same hue for your hand towels.

  • Accessories
  • Cushions are a great accessory to cover in Ultra Violet, but you can also use the same or similar tones in your smoked glass vases. Finding small elements throughout otherwise neutral rooms where you can fit the color in – you’ll definitely see the room “pop.”

  • Color combinations
  • The palette can get even more interesting when you find the right mix. For instance, gold, lime, gray, red, orange and a combination of apple green and gold are a great beside Ultra Violet.

  • Concrete pairings
  • More and more people are going with the raw concrete look for their interiors. Fortunately, Ultra Violet is a color that fits well with it. There’s something about the starkness of the gray against the boldness of the Ultra Violet that creates a sense of drama.

Utilizing Ultra Violet on walls

Alright, so we already said to use it sparingly, so how can Ultra Violet be applied to an entire wall? Due to the fact that Ultra Violet infuses energy into spaces, it can be a good choice in an entertainment room or small rooms, like an entryway or a mudroom.

This isn’t something a tepid Ultra Violet enthusiast will want to embark upon, but if you really like the color, committing to this bold hue on a wall or on all the walls of a room will give you great opportunities to work in other colors that will give the room a unique personality. However, be ready for criticism from guests with less adventurous design leanings.

Another option for Ultra Violet on walls is to utilize it on an accent wall, perhaps the wall behind your television, or a wall in your powder room? Some in the design industry are referring to it as a “statement wall,” which gives you the bold pop of color but without drowning the entire room in it. Consider it on the sink wall of your bathroom, too.

Purple furniture?

If you’re not 100 percent locked in on this color and you think it’s a trend that won’t last through the year, running out and plunking down $800 or more on a couch or chair is probably not your thing. However, if you’re all in and want to make a statement, Ultra Violet furniture could be your go-to design element this year.

If you have a room that is at the moment quite “neutral,” a violet piece of furniture will instantly create an eclectic space. Violet upholstered chairs in your otherwise boring living room or an upholstered purple bed will be the bold eye-catcher that other design elements simply won’t provide. You can even throw in a violet bookshelf in the right setting to really change the personality of a room.

For homeowners who have wanted to some help from a color to dictate the mood of a room, Ultra Violet is stepping up to the challenge. While there is a lot of talk about his color being “creative” and “dramatic,” when mixed in with the right colors, including neutral colors, there can also be a sense of sophistication infused into a room.

Are you ready to redesign your home with Ultra Violet?

At New Concept 180, we keep our fingers on the pulse of interior design trends, and we’ve got ideas of our own about how to incorporate Ultra Violet into your home remodel project. Our team of professional designers will work with you to create a palette that will not only suit your unique interests, but will also bring your interiors into the current day and age.

Finally, working with our designers are highly skilled people who will tackle your project with the type of professionalism you expect out of a trusted and valued design-and-build contractor like New Concept 180. Contact us today and let’s talk about your next project.

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