Home Improvement Ideas and Tips to Revive the Beauty of Your Interior

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If it’s been a few years since you last made any upgrades to the interior of your home, you’re probably feeling the itch to make some changes. Psychologically, we’re all wired to establish an aesthetic in our homes that makes us happy – but what projects should you consider for your interiors?

An argument has been made that a home’s interior can offer feelings of intimacy, productivity, kinship and restoration, which makes total sense given the amount of time people spend in their homes. For this reason, homeowners are keen to take on home improvement projects focused on improving their surroundings and quality of life. The following are home improvement ideas for reviving the beauty of your interior.


It’s amazing how something as simple as painting walls can change a room, especially if your current palette is drab. Adding a burst of color, perhaps even an accent wall with a different tone, can transform your reality in that room.

So far in 2018, the paint color trends have been wide ranging, including embracing black in areas that need a little more of an edgy hue, such as an accent wall in a bathroom or kitchen. “Deep onyx” is a color that’s getting some traction, coupled with natural wood furniture elements.

On the other end of the spectrum, berry colors are coming to life in more interior design projects this year. Strawberry, raspberry pink, blueberry – they’re all colors that bring more cheer to rooms that need versatility, yet a bold touch. Fortunately, these berry colors offer diversity – they can be vibrant, yet warm, as well. It all depends on what mood you’re trying to set in each of your rooms.

Polish the floor

It happens fairly gradually, but over time, your hardwoods will lose their luster. You might not even realize it’s been bugging you, but soon enough, you look down and see it is the distressed floor that’s bugging you.

In your high traffic areas, your polished floor will lose its sheen within six months. Other areas might take a year before they start showing wear. However, when tackling a project that boosts the beauty of your interiors, you should consider sanding down your hardwoods and bring a new shade of stain in to give your rooms and completely different feel.

Lighting upgrades

Ask a photographer what the most important element is in their craft and they’re likely to tell it’s all about lighting. While you aren’t trying to turn your home into a studio, you can drastically alter the look and feel of a room by rethinking your lighting situation. This includes considering entirely different light fixtures, which even when not lit up can provide a specific aesthetic that impacts the feel of your interiors.

Did you know blue lighting can make people feel more energetic? That might be a great color for a living room, but a bedroom might require a something more soothing, such as warm ambient lighting. You can shape the mood for each room by carefully considering the lighting.

Do you have pieces of art in your house? Accent lighting will highlight your proud pieces and give a layered dimension to your room. However, in areas where task lighting is required, such as where you read or take on various hobbies, such as crafting, you have many options that include desk lamps, under cabinet lighting and pendant or track lights, to name a few.

Crown molding

If it’s drama and depth you’re looking for, crown molding can take your plain rooms to another level. Some interior designers refer to molding as “jewelry” for walls, while others will profess that a room isn’t complete until the crown molding goes up.

Fortunately, there are many different styles of molding from which to choose, which means if one doesn’t catch your fancy, you’re bound to find one that will. Crown molding can actually get quite ornate, if that’s what you’re aiming for.

Another perk regarding crown molding is that if you have an idea for one room that differs in another, it wouldn’t be considered a design flaw to choose different styles molding.

Tackling the bathroom

This is a more intensive project than the previous ones we’ve mentioned here, but it’s well worth the effort, and many homeowners agree as it’s one of the more common interior upgrades they’re taking on.

You can also make smaller changes in your bathroom that can make a different. For instance, switching out your old fixtures with new, modern fixtures, which could include everything from your lighting down to your faucet, can completely alter the feel of your bathroom.

More extensive projects could include putting in a tile shower, floating vanities, radiant floor heat, a shower bench, storage solutions or a skylight. Bathrooms are often smaller spaces to work with, which means they offer more challenges. By bringing in a qualified interior designer and build team, you can avoid hassles.

Interior home improvement experts

Speaking of qualified designers, New Concept 180 has a team expert designers that have worked with homeowners on every conceivable type of interior design project. We listen carefully to our clients’ needs and offer an expert opinion and ideas of our own that will compliment your project. Contact us today and let’s talk about how to bring the beauty back to your interior.

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