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Home Remodeling Decision
The Best Time to Remodel Your Home – According to Industry Pros
As a homeowner thinking about a potential home remodel for your home, specifically your 80+ year old home, there are many questions you need answers to. Most of which relate to preparing for a home remodel itself. Before you can … Read More
light living room in Chicago project
Top 10 Reasons to Build a Home Addition Instead of Moving: Building Up Vs. Building Out
Leaving a beloved neighborhood in search of a home more fitting their needs is not something many homeowners want to do, which is why many have decided to either build up or build out. If you’re in a tight spot where building … Read More
Living room addition with modern brown furniture and bright interior lighting in Highland Park
What you should know before starting a home addition
The process of adding an addition to a home is no small feat. However, to ease into the process, the smartest place to start is to develop your idea into a written plan. Start mapping out your thoughts about everything you want in… Read More