New Concept 180 wins 2017 National Chrysalis Award

Melrose project recognized as the best kitchen remodel in the United States

We are proud to announce that our team, led by the inspired interior designer Rebekah Zaveloff, has received a 2017 National Chrysalis Award for a kitchen remodel project. The Chrysalis Awards program recognizes the nation’s finest work in 15 remodeling categories. The “Melrose” kitchen remodel in Kenilworth became the National Winner for its category this year.

The general idea behind this remodel was to create a better flow between the kitchen, dining room and the family room, and transform the space for a contemporary feeling and make it more suitable for a modern lifestyle while preserving the character of this 130 year old house.

While bringing the idea to life presented structural challenges due to the age of the house that was originally built in 1887, our team managed to update the space and add unique features, such as banquette corner seating and a new butler’s pantry, that make it perfect for the family of five. The inspired design and graciously executed remodel led this project to being recognized as a national winner despite the fierce competition in this year’s Chrysalis Awards.

"With today's older homes and the desire for a more open concept living, we pride ourselves on being able to craft solutions that both preserve the character of an older home and solve contemporary requirements for today's life style." -Gideon Lipnickas, Founder of New Concept 180

The Chrysalis Awards program is open to every remodeling and design professional within the United States and judges the entries on overall design, creative use of space and materials, and the degree to which the project enhanced the original structure. The winners are selected for each of four geographic regions of the country and then judged to select the national winner for each category. Pictures of all of the 2017 Chrysalis Awards winners can be found on Chrysalis website.

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Spacious classically kitchen design project photo with three stylish bar chairs in Chicago